We specializing in neodymium iron boron magnet ,permanent magnet ,ferrite magnet manufacturing ,developing and marketing.

Magnet manufacturing process

Company Introduction

TCM is one of the leading NdFeB magnets manufacturers for rare earth permanent magnet motors and generators. The company has an annual capacity of 2,000 ton.

We Have staffed with a team of experienced professionals in magnetism and magnetic applications. We have the patents in the products with high corrosion resistance. All our manufacturing procedures are operated well under ISO9001:2000.

After years of market development,now our products are widely used in micro motor, automobile,medical equipment, electro-acoustic components,wind power, Military aerospace,magnetic separator,and other fields,thanks to the unique product features,production processes and quality ensuring system.Our products Have were exported to all over the world.Customers' satisfaction is always the focus in our management and production activities.

Our products attract the clients and partners from Southeast Asia, Europe and America. We have become one of the regular suppliers of many famous enterprises all over the world