Neodymium (NdFeB) magnet

Packing : Standard export carton
Port : Ningbo / Shanghai
Standard : ISO9001: 2000 & SGS & RoHS
Productivity : 1500Tons/year
Shipment Terms : By Sea / By Air / By Air Express
Payment Terms : T/T
HS Code: 85051190
Origin: China
neodymium magnet
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What is a neodymium magnets

Neodymium Iron Boron ("Neo", NdFeB or Neodymium) Magnets are made from an alloy containing, amongst others, the elements Neodymium, Iron and Boron (NdFeB). The NdFeB magnets are the strongest type of magnet commercially available and are manufactured in a wide range of shapes, sizes and grades. We offer 53 grades of licensed standard corrosion resistance Neodymium Iron Boron and now an additional 72 grades of improved corrosion resistance Neodymium Iron Boron, each type with 30 types of coating finish for each grade (125 grades in total with 34 finishes - 4250 combinations).

Neodymium magnet surface treatments

Our standard surface treatment is done by electrolytic nickel plating. We can also deliver magnets with other specifications that meet the uses of magnet users, such as gold plating, epoxy resin coating and fluororesin coating.

Surface Coating Thickness Color SST PCT
Nickel Ni+Ni 10-20um Bright Silver >24-72 >24-72
Black Nickel Ni+Cu+Ni 10-22um Bright Black >48-96 >48
Cr3+Zinc Zn 5-8um Bright Blube >16-48  
C-Zn ShiningColor >36-72
Sn Ni+Cu+Ni+Sn 10-25um Silver >36-72 >48
Au Ni+Cu+Ni+Au 10-15um Gold >12 >48
Ag Ni+Cu+Ni+Ag 10-15um Silver >12 >48
Epoxy Epoxy 10-20um Black,Grey >48  
Ni+Cu+Epoxy 15-30um >72-108
Zn+Epoxy 15-25um >72-108
Passivation   1-3um Dark Grey Temporary Potection  
Phosphated   1-3um Dark Grey Temporary Potection  


  • Neodymium powder is very fine and when dry can ignite spontaneously - care must be taken in handling NdFeB powder.
  • Neodymium ( NdFeB ) magnets are very powerful - care must be taken in handling these magnets to avoid injuries.
  • Neodymium ( NdFeB ) magnets are susceptible to corrosion.